Getting Started

Welcome to Akkatecture

Adding Akkatecture as a dependency is like installing any other NuGet package in your .net core application. All you need to do is the following:

//Add the Akkatecture package to your project named FirstAkkatectureProject.
PM> Install-Package Akkatecture -ProjectName FirstAkkatectureProject

Once you have done that you can start designing your domain that can allow you to do something like what is shown below:

//Create actor system
var system = ActorSystem.Create("useraccount-example");
//Create supervising aggregate manager for UserAccount aggregate root actors
var aggregateManager = system.ActorOf(Props.Create(() => new UserAccountAggregateManager()));
//Build create user account aggregate command with name "foo bar"
var aggregateId = UserAccountId.New;
var createUserAccountCommand = new CreateUserAccountCommand(aggregateId, "foo bar");
//Send the command to create the aggregate

The above example is part of the Akkatecture simple example project, pull the code and give it a run to see how it works.

Akkatecture also ships with a companion package for clustering called Akkatecture.Clustering. Go to the clustering documentation to learn more about it.

Be sure to also go through our basic concepts documentation and the walkthrough. If you have any suggestions for improvements for Akkatecture's documentation, please visit the documentation repository and submit us a pull request.