Akkatecture uses the same configuration hooks as's hocon configuration file type. Where as uses the akka{} key as its own dedicated namespace in the hocon, Akkatecture uses akkatecture{} namespace. The Akkatecture configuration and documentation (with the defaults) are designated within the project's reference configuration file here. Have a read over these configuration items and their comments.

In Akkatecture.Cluster there is a default configuration that ships with the package. It establishes sane (and opinionated) defaults for clustered scenarios. you can find the default akka.cluster and akka.remote and configurations that ship with the package here.


If you notice. The main Akkatecture configuration reference is littered with feature switches for each domain construct that exists in Akkatecture. Turning them off will require you to add more code to your solution to take control of your requirements. Since Akkatecture is a framework that does much for you behind the scenes, if you turn feature switches off, you will need to compensate for it, with handlers or subscribing to events. As with most frameworks, the more barebones you go, the more control you have, at the cost of you having to implement your own custom requirements. Remember Akkatecture is just under the hood anyways. So feel free to "bust out" of the Akkatecture framework when you see the need to.

We highly recommend that you consider going through the walkthrough of Akkatecture which will have you building a solution based on some requiremets.